Tools for Managing Dialysis Inventory

Dialysis Inventory Management has never been easier thanks to My Supply Tech.

Our program tracks your dialysis inventory usage, alerts you when running low on items, generates a purchase order to the vendor of your choice and provides a broad array of helpful reports.

My Supply Tech works for acute/inpatient and outpatient dialysis programs, including home-only programs.

The reporting features in My Supply Tech help you identify possible problems on the treatment floor, provide valuable financial information such as supply cost per treatment, and generate a variety of other reports that help you manage your inventory and control costs like never before.

My Supply Tech gives you the tools you need to simplify inventory control and supply ordering and provide you with indicators that can improve patient outcomes.

Our founder’s 25 years of experience in the dialysis industry has shaped the My Supply Tech inventory program into a practical, powerful and user-friendly program.

To learn more about how My Supply tech can help you, please contact us at 801-784-5290 or send an email to